Our Approach

Our signature 360-Point Clean approach

There’s clean, then there’s SmartCLN’s 360-Point Clean. From vacuuming, dusting, steam-cleaning, handwashing, and more, our 360-Point approach is part of every cleaning package. We understand every room in your home is unique and requires a special touch. That’s why our 360-Point Clean includes these specific services, based on the rooms you select.


When we say “everything and the kitchen sink,” we mean it. We clean and sanitize every nook and cranny, leaving your kitchen spotless. We'll steam clean your microwave, stove, backsplash, and cabinets. We'll also clean your sink, the exterior of your appliances, the interior of your fridge and oven, and more. We'll even load your dishwasher and turn it on for you!


SmartCLN’s team of 360-Point Clean experts will leave your bathroom sparkling clean from top to bottom. We'll scrub toilets clean and disinfect them, scrub showers and tubs clean, steam-wash sinks, and hand-wash counters. We'll also clean and shine mirrors and fixtures, remove smudges from light switch plates, steam wash floors, and much more.


When your bedroom is 360-Point Clean it means you can relax and enjoy your comfortable space. Let us tidy up, make beds, change linens, and clean tile and wood floors before vacuuming your carpet. We'll also dust and polish furniture and fixtures, remove the trash, wipe away smudges, and more.

Living Room

Make your living room, well—a room worth living in! With this 360-Point Clean, we'll wash your floors, vacuum your carpets, hand-wash your window sills and sashes, remove cobwebs, dust your furniture, and so much more. We'll even steam wash your exposed baseboards for that extra touch of cleanliness.


Nothing beats kicking back on a clean patio after a long day. With our 360-Point Clean, your outdoor oasis will always be ready for quality relaxation or party time. We wipe down screens and wash patio chairs, tables, umbrellas, chaise lounges, mats, front door mats, and much more.

Contact us and kick back​

With SmartCLN, you can schedule your cleanings for a time that is convenient for you, and our team of professional cleaners will take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more about our services!